As we have computed densities of nine planets with absolute accuracy by Formula and Principles of DVdT, accordingly DVdT computes the DENSITY of the Sun here.

In computing DENSITY of planets, we have taken the mean DISTANCE between the Sun and Planet. But when computing the DENSITY of the SUN, we have to take DISTANCE from the centre of the Sun to the Surface, that is LENGTH OF THE RADIUS OF THE SUN.
FORMULA: : D = Density, R = Radius of the Sun, C = Constant.

THE DENSITY OF THE SUN IS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO SQUARE ROOT OF RADIUS OF THE SUN. This is applicable to all stars. As per this formula, larger the stars lesser the Density and visa versa.

1) Radius in unit of Million-Miles;
The Radius of the Sun is 0.432494 Million Miles.
D = : C = 9.638, D = Earth 1
D = = 9.638 / 0.6576 = 14.66 DENSITY OF THE SUN.

2) Radius in unit of Million Kilometres:
The Radius of the Sun is 0.696 Million Kilometres.
D = : C = 12.231, D = Earth 1
D = = 12.231 / 0.834 = 14.66 DENSITY OF THE SUN.
C = Constant is square root of mean distance between the Earth and the Sun. As the Earth Density is base, so Earth distance is base.
1. The DENSITY OF THE SUN is 14.66. In old values the Density of the Sun is only 0.25 (Earth = 1). So, the Sun is not constituted by light gaseous elements only. The Sun and all stars are constituted by heavy radioactive dense elements. The Sun and Stars are not just light gaseous bodies but dense solid metallic bodies with 50 to 100 times greater Densities than imagined in old science theories.

2. Thermonuclear Reactions are not possible under light gaseous constitution. Stars are under millions of degree temperature generated by thermonuclear reactions of radioactive elements.

3. Because of heavy metallic constitutions of stars, these bodies survive for billions of years under millions of degree heat liberated by Nuclear Reactions.

4. If the Sun and Stars would be constituted mainly by hydrogen and helium gases with extremely weak density and feeble constitution, then, these stellar bodies would never survive under tremendous heat. These bodies would be dispersed as clouds under nuclear reactions and in great temperature. Therefore, there would be no existence of the Sun and Stars if these bodies posses light gaseous densities as believed in Old Science.

5. Strepulsion-Physics rejects the concept of “Gaseous-Stars”. Observed abundance of Hydrogen and Helium gases are contents of external atmosphere of the Sun and Stars - not linked with physical constitution of the Sun and Stars. If the Sun and Stars would be simply gaseous bulbs as believed, then, they should not survived up to now for tens of billions of years.

6. The thermonuclear reactions in Stars, their huge temperature and lifespan of billions of years prove that the DENSITY calculated on basis of DVdT is the Universal reality.

The Science world of Astronomy and Astrophysics should correct the DENSITIES OF THE SUN AND STARS in their Text Books. Density of the Sun is 14.66 not 0.25.

7. The Sun is an average Star. There exists Stars having density 50 and 100 or even more. (The Sun = 14.66, Earth = 1)

8. The atomic constitution of different stellar systems and different galaxies varies. On this Earth, we know URANIUM with atomic mass number of 98. Science accepted this atomic weight as highest value in the nature. This is wrong. There exist elements having atomic mass number ranges from 500 to 1000. High-density Stars posses elements with atomic mass of 1000 and above.

9. Present Science world believe that 80% of the mass of the Universe is MISSING. This is because the old science world considers stars as gaseous bodies with very low density. DVdT of Strepulsion-Physics proved that MASS and DENSITY of Stars is 50 to 100 times greater. So, the said “MISSING MASS” is now discovered. The missing mass is located in Stars of the Universe.

10. Theory and concept of Thermonuclear Reaction in Stars of Old Science world need major corrections. Nuclear Reactions are neither by any “Gravitational Pressure” at the centre of Stars nor does it start from centre, as believed today. But as per DVdT, Nuclear Reactions are started from the SURFACE of the Sun and Stars and activated by “Imbalanced Intra-atomic Repulsive Force”. The whole process is discovered by Authors and titled it as RACS NUCLEAR REACTION (RNR), which is explained in separate sections.