THE NEW SPACE TECHNOLOGY – based on DVdT to boost Space Navigation ahead by century


DVd-TRIQUILIBRIUM (DVdT) is the new formula of Astrodynamics and Astrophysics established by Authors. The formula is

Description: D = Density of the body in space (in ratio Earth Density = 1)
d = Distance between the Sun and the body in space in Million Miles(MM)
V = Orbital Velocity of the body around the Sun in miles per second.
C = Constant = 9.638 (Earth’s )
K = 18.5 constant (Earth’s V) for V.

A: According to the formula, when you have to launch spacecraft around the Sun, suppose having DENSITY 2.00 (Earth = 1), then shift the body to FZI (Free Zone Inward, that is region in space free from gravitational pull of the earth in active ratio. Inward means in direction towards Sun), onward the SOLAR-SPACE (SS) will boost spacecraft towards the Sun and from distance of (d = C2/D2 = 9.6382/22 = 92.89/4 = 23.22) 23.22 Million Miles from the Sun. The spacecraft will revolve at velocity of (V = D x 18.5) 37 M.P. Sec.

B: Now, when you want to launch spacecraft around the Sun at DISTANCE of 5000 Million Miles away from the Sun, and then build spacecraft having Density of ( i.e., = 9.638/70.71 = 0.136) 0.136 and leave it in FZO that is Free-Zone Outward (Away from Sun) by Rockets. Onward SS will shift spacecraft to destination 5000 MM from the Sun. From this distance it will revolve around the Sun at velocity of (V = D x 18.5) = (0.134 x 18.5) = 2.516 miles per second around the Sun. V = 2.516 MPS

C: But, when you have to launch a spaceliner around the Sun the velocity of 10 miles per second around the Sun, then build the spacelinear of Density
(d = C2/D2 = 9.6382/0,542 = 92.89/0.2916 = 318.55) of 0.54 and leave it in FZO by Rocket. Onward SS will shift the spaceliner to distance of (d = C2/D2 = 9.6382/0,542 = 92.89/0.2916 = 318.55) 318.66 MM away from the Sun. This is Asteroid’s region. The spaceliner will revolve from here at velocity of 10 MPS.

Accordingly, DVdT can launch any body or any mass size anywhere in the Solar System to revolve around the Sun. But, for LINEAR-MOTION of spacecraft for Interplanetary-Space navigation, you have to follow simple technology named DID – that is Decreasing-Increasing-Density of body in space by Radio Signals or by computerized programs in the body itself. DID is possible by expansion-contraction of volume of space-body. Increase density of body, it will start moving inwardly (towards the Sun), decrease density of body, it will start moving outwardly (away from the Sun). Thus, to and from motion of spacecraft from one planet to another within Solar System can be achieved. The body will move by average Velocity of 43.5 Miles in Linear path. Now, as per DVdT, Densities of nine planets is as following: M = 1.607, V = 1.175, E = 1, Mars = 0.809, J = 0.438, S = 0.323, U = 0.228, N = 0.182, P = 0.159. So when you launch the spacecraft having density as above, it will move in respective orbits of planet and by DID it can move to further required orbits of Planet. Therefore, by DVdT you can dominate the Solar System. The force, which keep SPACECRAFT in motion, is Solar Repulsive Force (SRF), being liberated when mass converted into light, heat and Repulsive force in solar Nuclear Reaction.

Under Super DID system, it is possible to achieve 10% of velocity of light to navigate the Solar System.