If TNR started from center of the sun and stars and if millions of degree temperature was generated at the core, then, the sun and stars should be DISPERSED with explosion in space. There would be no existence of stellar universe, if TNR originated at center of stellar bodies.

The theory of transmission of HEAT and LIGHT from center of stars to the surface and onward in space is a FANTASY- not SCIENCE. Such phenomenon is impossible. How LIGHT could be transmitted from inner core to surface-crossing layers of stellar matter of millions of miles? Light could not penetrate the paper you are reading. Then, how it could penetrate thick layers of millions of miles of stellar mass to reach from center to surface of the star? So whole concept of TNR based on fusion and stellar gravitation is a hoax, being product of pseudo science theories based on fictitious stellar gravitation.

SUN AND STARS EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION and TNR starts from SURFACE LAYERS and continued inwardly as layers after layers of stellar mass “consumed” in nuclear furnace and converted into LIGHT, HEAT 50% and 50% in form of STREPULSION FORCE. TNR is RNR operations, the detail explained in separate section.

Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah
Prof. Pankaj N. Jain