Present definition of four forces in Science is defective and wrong. These four forces considered as ‘elementary forces’ are as following:


In scientific reality, here only one force that is GRAVITATION is real force. Rest three forces are simply “ORIGIN” or “SOURCES” of forces – but not elementary forces. Again all four forces represent ONLY ONE elementary force – that is force of ATTRACTION. The explanation is as follows:

Particles attract each other with this force, which is proportional to their mass. This is force of ATTRACTION.

This is the force of ATTRACTION between electrically charged particles PROTON and ELECTRON. The strength of this force of ATTRACTION between them is proportional to their electric charges. This force of ATTRACTION is responsible for holding atoms together. The summary is the electromagnetic force is elementarily only the force of ATTRACTION. Electromagnetism is “source” or “origin” of force of ATTRACTION – but not any elementary force.

Protons and Neutrons carry a strong “Nuclear Charge” (in addition to weak nuclear charge) that is charge of ATTRACTION. These particles ATTRACT each other very strongly, when closer to each other than 10-13cm. The strong Nuclear Force – that is force of ATTRACTION is responsible for holding the nuclei of He, Li, Be, C, U etc., together. The phenomena of Fusion and Fission are aspects of this force. Summarily the so-called “Nuclear Force” is not any elementary force but it is “source” or “origin” of force and it represent only one elementary force that is FORCE OF ATTRACTION.
All elementary particles that are Proton, Neutron, Electron and Neutrino interact with each other through a weak nuclear force provided they are closer to each other than 10-16cm. This “interaction” is nothing but ATTRACTION. That is along with electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force is also the FORCE OF ATTRACTION, WHICH KEEP THE ATOM INTACT. The latest experiment at Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre proved that weak nuclear force is nothing but other facet of Electromagnetic force. The summary is that – Weak Nuclear Force is originally and elementarily nothing but force of ATTRACTION as electromagnetic force. This is force of ATTRACTION between all elementary particles.

The summary is, so called Electromagnetic force and Nuclear force are not any elementary forces but simply “sources” or “origin” of elementary force of ATTRACTION.

Therefore, at the beginning of the 21st Century, Science world know about ONLY ONE force and that is force of ATTRACTION (GRAVITATION) and struggles in vain to explain all the momentum of the universe on basis of this one force – while THREE UNIVERSAL FORCES dominate the universe. Authors have discovered two forces.

Einstein’s life long dream was unification of all these Four Forces in one grand unified theory, which remain incomplete.

But unification of what ? when definition of “Four Forces” itself is defective and wrong and summarily when all four centred to one elementary force of ATTRACTION and when only this one force is in action beneath all four, what is unification ?

In this ignorance, the only real unification of all the said four forces is that all these imagined four forces – GRAVITATION, ELECTROMAGNETIC, STRONG NUCLEAR and WEAK NUCLEAR are nothing but different names of ONE FORCE and that force is ATTRACTION only. This is unification of four forces among which three are fictitious forces except Gravitation.

In mad struggle of unification of forces, the latest development is unification of Electromagnetic Force and Weak Nuclear Force and titled it Electro-Weak Force and a problematic theory is developed to explain the existence of such force is called Electro-Weak theory.
But all these theoretical efforts are practically no use for scientific advancement. These are all products of confused and idle human mind. Mother nature is plain, clear and simple. Natural forces, natural matter and natural motions are very simple and follow simple phenomena. But unnecessarily present science has made these simple existences extremely complicated, illogical and unsolvable. When there will be no availability of real scientific explanation for illogical and artificial theories, science struggled to solve it on basis of complex mathematics. But what answer derived is not the universal reality. It is purely answer for mental consolation without background of Classical Science.

After all, there exist elementarily only three forces and by their interaction/ combinations sub-elementary forces can be derived. But, elementarily only three forces exists – Repulsion, Attraction and Retraction.

Electricity is combination of two forces – Repulsion and Attraction. Magnetism is also combination of Attraction and Repulsion. Therefore, Electromagnetism in broad sense is compound force of Attraction and Repulsion. Nuclear forces are also combination of Attraction and Repulsion. Therefore, Electro Weak force is nothing but sub-elementary force being combination of Repulsion and Attraction.

But as per explanation of four forces in present science book, all four forces elementarily exhibit only one identity of force of ATTRACTION, which we have already explained. Therefore, FORCE is still mysterious and confusing factor for present science world.