In 1685, Sir Isaac Newton discovered Gravitational Force and announced that “EACH AND EVERY PARTICLE OF THE UNIVERSE EXERT FORCE OF ATTRACTION” and up to now the world believe in this statement.



As in the phenomena of Magnetism, one pole exerts attraction while reverse pole exerts Repulsion. Accordingly, there should exist bodies, which also exerts force of Repulsion. This is because REPULSION is also an elementary force as GRAVITATION.

Accordingly, when two kinds of matter exist which exert either REPULSION or GRAVITATION, then, there should exist a third kind of matter, which should be neutral to the Force. That is to say, THERE SHOULD EXIST THE MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE, WHICH EXERT NO FORCE. LET WE CALL IT NEUTRAL MATTER.

Does there anywhere in the Universe exist such matter, which exerts force of REPULSION ? Is there anywhere in the Universe exist the matter which is “NEUTRAL” exerts NO FORCE ?
We have DISCOVERED the matter, which exerts force of REPULSION, and also DISCOVERED the matter, which exerts no Force. This is the NEUTRAL MATTER.

Our discovery proves, Newton’s Law of Gravitation is not Universal. If all particles exerted only force of Gravitation, then, whole Universe should exist in state of a single dark massive body. There would be neither existence of light-heat nor existence of present scattered Universe of Stars and Galaxies. The picture of present Universe proves-Newton’s law of Gravitation is no more any Universal law. Most of the particles in the Universe exert force of REPULSION. So, the Universe is on EXPANSION.

The Universe is balanced by TWO ELEMENTARY FORCES. These are REPULSION and ATTRACTION. Observed Spherical Motion of bodies (Astronomical and also Intra-atomic) is nothing but “struggle” to achieve equilibrium between acting two REVERSE FORCES, that is REPULSION and ATTRACTION. Interaction of two reverse forces resulted into the THIRD ELEMENTARY FORCE. We have titled it as the force of RETRACTION. Retraction Force keeps bodies in Spherical Motion (revolution & rotation).

So, the Physical Universe is in BALANCE and in MOTION by THREE Elementary Universal Forces. These are REPULSION, ATTRACTION and RETRACTION. But present Science World knows only ONE elementary force and that is ATTRACTION. Other two forces are still unknown to the Science World.

There exist THREE kinds of Elementary MOTIONS, which are activated by THREE kinds of Elementary FORCES:


MOTION NEEDS FORCE. Constant motion needs constant force. GALILEO observed MOTION but failed to detect FORCE. So he imagined “INERTIA” - the concept of “MOTION WITHOUT FORCE”. Newton discovered force of GRAVITATION, which can activate PRO-CENTRE MOTION. But failed to detect the FORCE by which OFF-CENTRE MOTION can be activated. So he imagined “CENTRIFUGAL FORCE” and failed to detect the force, which require for SPHERICAL MOTION. So he imagined INERTIA. In reality, Newton’s CENTRIFUGAL FORCE was imagined in substitute to REPULSION FORCE and Newton’s INERTIA was in substitute to RETRACTION FORCE. Newton compelled to follow non-existing and fictitious concepts of “INERTIA” and of “CENTRIFUGAL FORCE” – otherwise, it was impossible to balance the Solar System and it was impossible to explain Spherical motion of bodies inside the Solar System. Newton knows only ONE FORCE and that is GRAVITATION. He struggled to explain all phenomena of the Solar System by Gravitation, which indirectly created the chain of Negative Science. “INERTIA” and “CENTRIFUGAL FORCE” are products of Negative Science. Centrifugal force is fiction. No such elementary force exists. Aristotle told in 3rd Century B.C. that MOTION NEEDS FORCE. This is an absolute reality. There need more force when body moves through space having atmospheric friction and less force when it moves through frictionless or void space. But more or less, FORCE REQUIRE FOR MOTION. As you cannot drive your car without fuel, accordingly, for Spherical motion of astronomical bodies need constant force and this force is RETRACTION FORCE.

Confused with fictitious “Centrifugal force” and “Stellar Gravitation” of Newton and puzzled by anti-science concept of “Inertia” of Galileo and Newton, the greatest philosopher of 20th Century Dr. Albert Einstein suddenly rejected the concept of FORCE itself. “There exist nothing to be titled as FORCE” he said. “IT IS GEOMETRICAL PROPERTIES OF SPACE-TIME WHICH ACT AS FORCE AND KEEP ASTRONOMICAL BODIES IN SPHERICAL MOTION”. This wonderful concept derived by Einstein is the basic principal of his General Theory of Relativity (GTR). In GTR, great Einstein mixed together two different identities - SPACE and TIME into ONE that is SPACETIME. From this substance of mind, he started spinning the strings (String Theory of Stephan Hawking). Onward these strings, like fine wire of gold, started bending and curving as per need to adjust Universal phenomena within framework of GTR. Thanks great God and thanks Einstein and Thanks Hawking!!! - All unsolved problems of Physics and Astrophysics immediately solved. Mankind entered in the age of Mythology - slipped from Classical Science.

In ancient religious books of astronomy, it was imagined that giant celestial elephants and colossal celestial tortoises drive Earth, planets and stars in the sky. There was some logic to consider these animals. Now, after 50 centuries of advancement, present science world of Newton-Einstein says ‘no animals, planets and stars are driven across the sky by strings’.

We do not feel any difference between animals and strings. Both are invisible and products of mind. Thanks to ancient astronomers and thanks to devotees of Einstein who controls violent universe by strings. Are we live in age of Science or Mythology ?

After all what is SPACE and TIME ? SPACE and TIME having any physical constitution ? SPACE and TIME having any mass ? SPACE and TIME having any FORCE ? The answer is NO. Then how SPACE and TIME can be substitute to the elementary universal FORCES ? How SPACE and TIME can keep giant astronomical bodies and galaxies in motion ? How SPACE and TIME can be ONE identity. There is no answer for the problems.

SPACE and TIME are impressions on the human mind when the brain observes two or more bodies moving in different directions with different velocities. SPACE and TIME are psychological factors without any physical existence.
Therefore, GTR of Einstein is extremely good for mental consolation. Anything can be solved and answered by bending and curving STRINGS of SPACETIME. Ofcourse, STRINGS are existed in human mind, not in physical Universe. Therefore, GTR is Philosophy but not Science. GTR is negative Science that has fooled the world for 100 years.
Pro-centre acceleration proves the Earth exert force of Gravitation. Accordingly, all planets and their satellites exert force of Gravitation. However, this does not mean that the Sun and Stars also should exert force of Gravitation. The Physical constitution of stars is absolutely different from planetary state bodies. Thermonuclear reaction is associated only with stellar bodies, not with planetary bodies. This is because PLANETS EXERT GRAVITATION, not Repulsion while STARS EXERT REPULSION, not Gravitation. In the Solar System, if the Sun also exerted force of Gravitation along with other bodies, then all the bodies of the system should have collapsed into the Sun and evaporated billions of years ago. Fictitious Centrifugal force could not halt the natural holocaust. Even total force of the Universe would be failed to save the planetary system - because of great mass of the Sun and its nearness to planets. But, since billions of years the SUN-PLANET system survives because SUN EXERTS REPULSION while PLANETS EXERTS GRAVITATION. The Sun REPELS planets but Planets ATTRACTS the Sun. Therefore, planets neither flung away out of System by Repulsion - nor collide upon the Sun by Gravitation, but remain at mean constant distance in their orbits. Here both reverse forces counterbalances each other and in equilibrium. By interaction of Repulsion with Gravitation, the third force is generated. This is RETRACTION FORCE (RTF). RTF keep planet-satellites in Revolution and in Rotation. Solar Repulsion Force at orbital distance counterbalances mutual gravitation between planets and their satellites. Therefore, satellites remain in their orbits-as planets remain in their orbits at mean constant distant. This is the mystery of Solar system. All observed EXPANSION, DISPERSION, EXPLOSIONS, EJECTION, RADIATION phenomena in the Stellar Universe are the result of MUTUAL REPULSION FORCE between STARS and Stellar matter. STARS EXERT FORCE OF REPULSION - not Gravitation. The mass of the stellar bodies is greater than non-stellar bodies, so the UNIVERSE IS ON EXPANSION.

It is hardcore reality that Galileo’s INERTIA, Newton’s Law of STELLAR GRAVITATION and his CENTRIFUGAL FORCE, Einstein’s concept of SPACETIME curvature of GTR and Hwaking’s brain child STRING THEORY are all products of confused human mind having neither any existence nor having any application in the Universal Phenomena. These are all NEGATIVE SCIENCE FACTORS, which kept present Theoretical Science world to wander in dark valleys of stone-ages. Three Forces dominate the Solar System. Space Science knows only ONE FORCE and that is GRAVITATION. This ignorance has destroyed achievements and progress in Space Navigation. Space Science still roams in darkness – achievements limited to fiction stories in books, TV and Movies.

Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah
Prof. Pankaj N. Jain