G = MM / D2

"Inverse-Square-Law (ISL) is observed in Electromagnetic forces in action where two reverse forces i.e., REPULSION & ATTRACTION are together in action. But when only ONE FORCE that is force of GRAVITATION is considered in the SOLAR SYSTEM by Newton, then the intensity of mutual gravitation between two bodies should follow this equation: G = MM/D. However, equation follows
G =MM/D2. There is no answer for this elementary problem in Old Science. We have decoded this unsolved mystery which was puzzled even its founder - Sir Isaac Newton.

As per STREPULSION-PHYSICS, SUN exerts REPULSION FORCE while PLANETS and all rest bodies of the Solar System exert GRAVITATION. Interaction of Repulsion x Gravitation = Retraction force (RTF). Owing to this interaction, the new force is originated that is RTF, which keep all bodies in the Solar System in Revolution & Rotation. In this interaction, 50% of gravitational force is converted into RTF. THEREFORE, ISL is followed. Explanation: G = MM/D x SRF, SRF=D, THEREFORE G = MM/D x D, that is G =MM/D2: SRF = Anti-gravitational force. This is Solar Repulsion force, which converts 50% of G-Force intensity into Retraction force. THEREFORE, INVERSE SQUARE LAW is followed. ISL proves the SUN EXERTS REPULSION FORCE - not gravitation. If the Sun exerted gravitational force, then G = MM/D would be followed.


G = M x m / d : This ratio followed if the SUN EXERTED GRAVITATION.
G / SRF : But the Sun exert SOLAR REPULSION FORCE (SRF) which is
anti-gravitational force and retards G-intensity.
SRF = d : Solar space “charged: with SRF. Therefore, it retards G-Intensity in
ratio proportional to distance (d) between two attracting bodies”.
i.e., i.e., G = M x m / d2
The Gravitational Intensity in the solar System is reduced by ratio of SQUARE OF DISTANCE between two bodies owing to interference of SOLAR REPULSION FORCE. This is not “Universal” law but only applicable in systems where along with G-Force, Repulsion is also in action. Anyhow Newton’s law proves – THE SUN EXERTS REPULSION, not GRAVITATION !

Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah
Prof. Mayuri Raviraj