The Sun exerts Solar Repulsion Force (SRF). The exertion of SRF is not equal and uniform throughout the solar surface. Ratio of SRF at equator of the Sun is higher than at Polar region. SRF is inversely proportional to the distance from solar equator.

Orbits of planets are not parallel to the equator of the Sun. Owing to inclination of orbits, in certain period, planet moves closer to the Solar equator and in certain period it moves upward or downward to the equator. Owing to this inclination of orbits to the solar equator and owing to non-uniformity of exertion of SRF, orbits of planets turned ELLIPTICAL. Greater the distance of planet from the Sun, orbits follows higher the INCLINATION and higher the ELLIPSE. The orbit of PLUTO being the farthest planet in the Solar-System, posses highest orbit therefore highest ratio of inclination of orbit to the Solar Equator and follows highest ratio of ELLIPSE, that is 17°- 9' (Earth = 0°- 0') and maximum ECCENTRICITY OF ORBIT that is 0.249 (Earth = 0.017).

Along with planets, the Sun also moves around the centre of Galaxy at velocity 250 miles per second. Owing to solar motion, the planets have unable to revolve in exact circle around the Sun. Owing to Solar motion, orbits of planets are elliptical and eccentric. These are two reasons (1) NON-UNIFORMITY OF SRF and (2) SOLAR MOTION by which orbits of planets remain elliptical.

This is for the first time we have decoded the unsolved mystery of orbital eccentricity and ellipse.

The Sun revolves around the centre of Milkyway Galaxy and planets revolve around the moving Sun and Satellites revolving around the moving planets. Therefore, orbits of planets and Satellites in real sense are not circular but in WAVE-PATTERN.

The extreme eccentricity of Comet's orbit is result of unstable MASS-DENSITY of Comet's body. During inward motion, that is motion towards the Sun, Comet looses its mass with raising density. During outward journey, Comet gathers mass but Density decreases. Comet's orbit is like To & Fro motion from the Sun. Raising density causes INWARD MOTION and falling density causes OUTWARD MOTION of Comet from the Sun. This is for first time we have decoded the unsolved mystery of Comets orbit.

Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah
Prof. Mayuri Raviraj