Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah and Prof. Mayuri Raviraj

The Solar Repulsion is the elementary force beneath the off-solar radiations of light and heat, cosmic particle radiation (emerged from the sun), solar wind, which influences magnetic fields of planets and also cause drag of artificial satellites, proton ejection from the sun, which cause ozone depletion and X-rays, Gamma-rays, Infra-red and Ultra violate radiations and all other known and unknown off-solar radiation is result of SOLAR REPULSION FORCE.

As elementary force beneath Atmospheric Pressure on the earth is Earth’s GRAVITATIONAL force, accordingly, the ultimate force beneath RADIATION PRESSURE OF THE SUN IS SOLAR REPULSION FORCE (STREPULSION FORCE.)

In natural satellites, the orbital velocity is undisturbed and constant for millions of years, but manmade satellites in orbital revolution around the Earth or any other planet faces “drag” at which their velocities decreases gradually. This retardation of velocity is considered to be the result of Solar Radiation Pressure. In fact, it is interference of Solar Repulsion force which cause retardation of velocity and also slight displacement from exact orbital plane gradually, which in long run the artificial satellite either collapsed upon the primary planetary body or flung away out or orbit in space. This phenomenon is called ORBITAL DECAY. It is calculated that influence of Solar Repulsion Force at earth distance cause the “pressure” at the magnitude of 2 x 10-7 pound per square foot on highly reflecting surface when exposed to the Sun. The perturbing effect that observed in orbital motion is also the result of Solar Repulsion Force. As present artificial manmade satellites are not balanced on natural forces that dominate the Solar System, so in present space-age mankind have unable to launch and maintain permanent satellites as the moon of the earth or of other planets to be in orbit for and at constant velocity and distances.

Along with light and heat, the sun ejects charged particles. At the end of Geophysical year 1957-58, it is observed that once a month on average, the earth intercepts a mighty swarm of corpuscles impinging on the earth’s atmosphere, affects the weather. Here, great cloud of electrified particles in form of stream gushed off from the sun like water from a giant hose, spraying the earth once in every 27 days as the sun turned in space. The earth round the sun sails through this cloud.

This phenomenon of ejection of charged particles in form of cloud is off-centre motion of mass from the surface of the sun. Off-centre motion is only possible by Off-centre force that is the force of Repulsion. Thus, the force beneath ejection and motion of electrified particles cloud is the STREPULSION FORCE exerted by the Sun. This phenomenon is not possible under gravitational intensity.

During Geophysical year 1957-58, the most important observation was SATELLITE-DRAG exhibited by manmade Satellites. The drag is slight displacement from their orbit and sudden variation in orbital velocity of artificial satellites. The variation in drag is associated with 27 days cycle of the Sun, which is the period of rotation of the Sun around its axis. The coordination of solar activity and satellite drag proves it is owing to the influence of solar forces exerted upon manmade satellites. In all the cases – the observed drag is off-solar direction. The drag is for short period and observed when the Sun its cycle of 27 days – activity, remain most active. For that very active period, only drag is affected on satellites. The drag is observed with American Satellite VANGUARD-I and Soviet SPUTNIK-III in the year 1957-58. The drag was caused by Solar Forces. The orbital path of these satellites is slightly displaced in opposite direction to the Sun and orbital velocity is slightly decreased. The nature of drag clearly proves that the forces exerted by the Sun upon these manmade space bodies are of repulsive nature. The Solar Strepulsion force by media of solar wind-corpuscles “REPELLED” the satellites, which is observed as drag. The solar wind, which is radiated from the surface of the Sun being empowered by STREPULSION FORCE acts on these bodies and cause anti-solar phenomenon.

If the Sun exerted force of gravitation, then the drag would be in pro-solar direction.

When the American Space probe PIONEER encounters with Planet Saturn in the month of August 1979, it comes across two events resulted by Solar Strepulsion Force.

a) The communication cannel between the earth and Pioneer were disturbed. The disturbances were due to SOLAR FORCE, which make the space probe unable to obtain details of Titan’s atmospheric feature. The communication system was disturbed by Solar Strepulsion force, which acted on the space probe during active solar period. Strepulsion force acts through media of solar wind.

b) High intensity Solar Repulsive forces during intensive solar flares push off Solar wind in opposite direction to the Sun in great pressure. Strepulsion force through medium of Solar wind, push the Bow-Shock towards the planet (Saturn). Pioneer crossed the Bow-shock region of the magnetic field of planet Saturn on 31st August 1979 at distances of some 23.5 to 26.5 Saturn Radii away from the planet. Onward, the Bow-shock pushed further ahead of the spacecraft by SOLAR REPULSION FORCES and then it crossed the bow-shock once more on its inbound leg. The Pioneer onward in its outbound journey crossed magnetopause of the Planet Saturn’s magnetic field for first time at distance of 17.5 Saturn Radii and again second time at distance of 30 Saturn Radii away from the Saturn. This is because – the magnetopause pushed off in anti-solar direction again and again owing to high intensive SOLAR REPULSIVE FORCE acted on the magnetic field. This off-solar compression of BOW-SHOCK region of Saturn’s magnetic field and Off-Solar expansion of MAGNETOPAUSE of Saturn’s magnetic field by Solar forces proves the force exerted by the sun which acts on magnetic fields of planet through media of Solar wind is the force of REPULSION.

If the Sun had exerted force of Gravitation – then, exhibited phenomenon would be totally reverse. The magnetic field of the Saturn would be in “pull” towards the Sun in pro-solar direction and location of two “boundaries” of magnet field would be in reverse. Bow-shock would be at apposite direction to the sun and magnetopause would be in pro-direction to the Sun. What American spacecraft faced influences of Saturn’s magnetic fields – the actions would be in reverse state. Thus, Spacecraft Pioneer’s motion through contracting Bow-shock and expanding magnetopause by Solar forces proves – the SUN EXERT FORCE OF REPULSION – not gravitation. Saturn’s magnetic field was pushed-off away from the Sun by Solar forces owning to Repulsive phenomenon. Under gravitational intensity, it must be pulled towards the Sun – which does not happen with magnetic fields of any planet on any time.

(Magnetic fields of any planet have two edges. The edge, which comes in direction of the Sun that is (Day-zone) is BOW-SHOCK and other edge is lies in opposite direction to the Sun (Night-zone) called MAGNETOPAUSE. The magnetic pressure at Bow-shock equals to pressure of Repulsion forces. Magnetopause is the boundary that marks the transition of planet’s magnetosphere to the interplanetary medium and is in opposite direction to the Sun.)