Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah & Prof. Mayuri Raviraj

These phenomena proves the Sun exerts Force of REPULSION – not GRAVITATION
(1) SOLAR PLASMA WIND EJECTION: The Solar Wind, which is generated under TNR is pushed off from the surface of the Sun by Solar Repulsive Force in high speed which reaches up to the edges of the Solar System. This anti-solar ejection of Solar wind is result of REPULSION FORCE. This phenomenon would not exist if the Sun exerted force of Gravitation.

(2) DEFLECTION OF COMET TAIL: The tail of the Comets is always deflected in opposite direction to the Sun. This proves the light particles of the Comet’s tail are REPELLED by the Sun because the Sun exerts force of REPULSION. Under Gravitational influence, the phenomenon is impossible.

(3) DEPRESSION-EXTENSION OF MAGNETOSPHERE: The Magnetosphere of planets follows “DEPRESSION” in pro-solar region of the Day zone by SOLAR REPULSION FORCE, while at opposite side at the night zone by SOLAR REPULSION FORCE; the Magnetosphere is extended to greater extent. This phenomenon proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(4) SOLAR HEAT TRANSMISSION: The heat, which is liberated by TNR at the surface of the Sun (Photosphere) is transmitted above at Corona of the Sun. This Off-Solar Transmission of the heat is by SOLAR REPULSION FORCE. Owing to this transmission, the solar surface is cooler than Corona. The temperature of the Sun at surface is only about 5500 K while temperature of the Solar Corona is about 2 million K. This phenomenon proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – NOT GRAVITATION.

(5) OCEAN TIDES: If along with the Moon, the Sun also exerted the force of Gravitation, then, on NEWMOON MIDDAY there should be HYPER OCEAN TIDES UNDER WHICH most of the costal lands should merged below the ocean water. Most of the costal cities should be merged into Great oceanic tides with great destruction. However, nothing such tides observed because SUN EXERTS REPULSION. Instead of on Newmoon Midday, the ocean tides on FULLMOON MIDNIGHT are observed in higher ratio. The hydraulic mass oceans is REPELLED by the Sun. The phenomenon proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.
(6) RADIATION OF COSMIC PARTICLES, LIGHT & HEAT: High-energy cosmic particles emerged from the solar surface along with light and heat are radiated away in space. This Off-Solar Radiation proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(7) GIANT PLASMA CLOUDS: During active solar period, giant plasma clouds produced at the surface and ejected off from the surface of the Sun moving away towards edge of the solar system and enroute when passing through orbits of planets, the magnetic fields of planets be disturbed. On the Earth, Radio communication along with TV and even artificial satellites are disturbed. This off-solar motion of clouds proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(8) SPIRALING TORNADOES OF HOT GAS: Giant and violent hot gas tornadoes are emerged from the “exploding” surface of the Sun and moved off spiraling above in space from the surface of the Sun. This is one of the violent features of the Sun. These hot gas tornadoes even influence condition of closer planets by raising temperature suddenly for short period. This off-solar motion of tornadoes proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(9) ANTI-SOLAR DISPLACEMENT OF STAR-RAY: When the Star-ray moves in vicinity of the Sun, its straight path turned into ANTI-SOLAR RADIATION CURVE (ASRC). Therefore, the Star does not appear to its real location to the Earth observer. The Star image is appeared away from the Sun at greater distance than the real distance. This OFF-SOLAR DISPLACEMENT of the Star image proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation. If the Sun exerted Gravitation, the Star image would be appeared closer to the Sun. (Experiment during total Solar eclipse).

(10) DOUBLE ANGLE DEFLECTION: The angle of displacement of image is observed always DOUBLE (1.75º Sec) than assumed on gravitational base. This is because the angle is result of mutual repulsion forces between the Sun and Star-ray. The value would be half if the angle would be due to mutual gravitational intensity. Therefore, the phenomenon proves the SUN and STAR-RAY EXERT FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(11) RADIATION RED-SHIFT: When the Star-ray moves in vicinity of the Sun, its FREQUENCY is DEPRESSED by SOLAR REPULSION FORCE. Therefore, the frequency retarded and long wavelength of the radiation are observed. The retardation of frequency is exhibited by RED-SHIFT in spectral studies of radiation. Again, as the Star-ray moved ahead of the Sun at higher distance, it regains its original frequency. This RED-SHIFT phenomenon proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(12) GALACTIC COSMIC RADIATION DISPERSION: When cosmic particles radiated from galaxy (outside the solar system) and entered in the solar system and entered in the Earth atmosphere, soon these particles repelled away from the equatorial region towards polar region. The Intensity of Solar Repulsion Force is intensive at equatorial region. Therefore, cosmic particles are repelled and shifted towards polar region. This phenomenon proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

(13) SOLAR MASS: The mass of the Sun is 99.90% of the solar system. All nine planets, satellites and rest bodies of the system are constituted by 0.10% of the mass. Now along with all bodies of the system, if the Sun also started exerting the force of GRAVITATION, then under mutual gravitational influence, all nine planets with their satellites, all asteroids, ringlets, comets should have collapsed into the Sun with beginning of the solar system itself billions of years ago. Even total force of the universe would be failed to stop the annihilation of planetary system into nuclear furnace of the Sun. Therefore, the birth and existence of the solar system proves the SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation. As very giant magnet attracts tinny magnets, accordingly, all bodies attracted into the Sun and ended – if Newton’s law of Universal Gravitation would be the Reality. Centrifugal force is fictitious force having no real existence.

(14) THERMONUCLEAR REACTION (TNR): TNR is linked with the Sun and Stars. Intra-atomic Repulsive forces of stellar mass originate TNR. The process of TNR is neither Fission nor Fusion and it is not owing any gravitational pressure as stated in present Astrophysics as proposed by George Gamove. However, this is a new process – we have titled it by RACS-INTERACTION: That is RETROGRADE ATOMIC CONVERSION IN STELLAR MASS. This is RACS NUCLEAR REACTION (RNR). The details of the process explained separately.

RNR is possible only under REPULSIVE PHENOMENON. RNR is not possible under Gravitational influence. Therefore, all non-stellar bodies as planets, their moons and asteroids exert force of Gravitation and are free from RNR.

RNR in the Sun proves the Sun exert force of REPULSION – not Gravitation. Radiation of light, heat in the Sun is result of TNR, which is not possible under Gravitational influence. Therefore, planets are dark and cold without light.
(15) SOLAR RESISTANCE TO EXTERNAL COSMIC RAYS: During the 11 year’s cycle of solar activity, as the solar intensity increases in the period of ACTIVE SUN, intensity of Galactic Cosmic radiation decreases. The SOLAR REPULSION FORCE resists and disperses the Galactic Cosmic rays from entering in the solar system. Therefore, ratio of cosmic particles entrance inside the solar system during the period of the ACTIVE SUN is lowest and the ratio increases as solar activity turns to low intensity.

The intensity of Solar Repulsion force increased during active period of the Sun. Therefore, Galactic Cosmic particles faces maximum RESISTANCE from the Sun by exertion of REPULSION FORCE, which makes weak penetration of particles in the solar system. This phenomenon proves THE SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – not Gravitation.

These are few examples we have mentioned here which proves THE SUN EXERTS FORCE OF REPULSION – NOT GRAVITATION. All rest phenomena proves the active force exerted by the Sun is REPULSION by which external bodies, particles and rays are REPELLED. The Sun REPELS – does not attracts because it exerts REPULSION – not Gravitation. When the Sun started exerting force of GRAVITATION – soon, it will be turned into a giant planetary body without own light and heat. When Thermonuclear Reaction halted in the Sun, it will turn dark, cold and non-luminous in state of planetary body exerting force of Gravitation, not REPULSION. Planets exert force of Gravitation because these bodies are free from Thermonuclear Reaction. Suppose, Thermonuclear Reactions started in a planetary body, soon hot and luminous planet started exerting force of REPULSION instead of Gravitation.

The physical laws, which are applicable to the Sun and Stars, are not applicable to the Earth and planetary bodies. STELLAR BODIES EXERT FORCE OF REPULSION. NON-STELLAR BODIES EXERT FORCE OF GRAVITATION.


Observed EXPANSION, DISPERSION, EXPLOSION EJECTION, RADIATION and NUCLEAR REACTIONS IN STELLAR UNIVERSE is the OFF-CENTRE MOTION of STELLAR MASS, which is possible only by OFF-CENTRE FORCE that is the FORCE OF REPULSION. The above phenomenon proves the Sun and Stars that is entire Stellar Universe exerts REPULSION FORCE – not Gravitation. GRAVITATIONAL FORCE is limited to non-stellar bodies only, which are free from Thermonuclear Reactions.