Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah & Prof. Pankaj N. Jain

EXPLOSION is the phenomenon under which the mass follows OFF–CENTRE MOTION (OCM) being the result of OFF–CENTRE FORCE that is the force of REPULSION. Explosion is not possible under Gravitational–Attractional influence. Therefore, the EXPLOSION – manmade or natural, Supernova, GAMMA-RAY BURST Big Bang, is the result of suddenly increased and unbalanced force of REPULSION. In Explosion of GRB 971214, sudden raised Intra–Atomic Repulsive Force (IARF) under RACS NUCLEAR REACTION (RNR) resulted into total explosion of Super Massive Star having the mass billions of times greater than the Sun. The energy released in form of Stellar Repulsion force and Gamma-Ray burst observed even after 12 Billion years. The summary is – STELLAR UNIVERSE EXERT STELLAR REPULSION FORCE Not Gravitation. Gravitational–Collapse is fiction. The GRB 971214 explosion proves in past, 10 to 14 Billion years ago the Universe was studded with Super Massive Giant Stars having mass equivalent to the whole one normal Galaxy. Do such exploding super massive stars form galaxies?

(GRB971214 is the Gamma Ray burst observed from a faint galaxy on 14th December 1997).