Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah & Prof. Pankaj N. Jain

We have discovered a law of RADIATION. We have titled it RETARDATION OF LIGHT FREQUENCY WITH ASTRONOMICAL RADIATION – RELIFAR. As per this law, when the Starlight moves through remote astronomical spaces from one galaxy to another galaxy with continuity of SPACE-TIME-MOTION, its FREQUENCY gradually RETARDS. That is the Red Shift, which we observe for very distant Galaxies and for Stars is in reality - not RED SHIFT and they are not cool or moving away from us, but they may be Violet and or Blue but located at GREAT DISTANCE from us. The RADIATING ENERGY of LIGHT is gradually reduced and exhibited in lower frequency and high wavelength. Therefore, present established DISTANCE factors along with concept of RECEDING & APPROACHING motions of ASTRONOMICAL BODIES is no more a reality. Science needs new technique to determine the exact picture of the Universe. Simply, because of VERY LARGE RED SHIFT, the Science World considers QUASARS as OLDEST and MOST DISTANT BODIES – exceeding 13 BILLION LIGHT YEARS away. But this may not be the reality. According to RELIFAR, when a normal white star at normal distance lost its frequency in very high ratio enroute of radiation can exhibit very long Red Shift. THEREFORE, EXCESSIVE RED SHIFT does not certify the exceptional distance as stated in case of Quasars. QUASARS may be much nearer than assumed. Again, at assumed such great distance of 13 to 15 billion light years QUASARS recede in highest velocity from us away in space - this concept of present Astronomy is not acceptable under Strepulsion-Physics. QUASARS concept need rectification. Simply “EXCESSIVE RED-SHIFT” is not enough to put them in place of Zenith. These may be giant stars or normal galaxies in nearby region whose FREQUENCY HIGHLY RETARDED to exhibit very large RED-SHIFT. There exist stars which are very giant but under very slow Racs-Nuclear Reaction (RNR) that is Thermonuclear Reactions, hence exhibit low frequency Radiation in Red-Shift. So the excessive Red Shift neither prove any “Receding Velocity” of astronomical bodies nor it proves the location at very great distances as believed in present Astrophysics - based on old laws.

RELIFAR LAW refutes results based on DOPPLER EFFECT and HUBBLE LAW. According to Strepulsion-Physics, present accepted picture of the Universe need major modifications.