Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah Prof. Padmavati P. Jain

There are thousands of species in quadruped Mammals (four legged animals) and in Reptiles. Thousands of species exists in the bird’s kingdom and in marine life. Thousands of species survives in plant-vegetation generation and in micro–organism. All inter species have mutual resemblance. But where is a species having bipedal and erect locomotion with articulate speech – other than man ? Why the human being is alone on this planet Earth ?

All animals, birds and insects receive inspiration that is the warning from the nature to move off from the places – days earlier during seismic disturbances as the Earthquake and Volcano eruption. While, the man, highly sensible and proud for intellectual faculty remains unalarmed and neglected by the nature. Why the nature acted as orphan mother – is the man not her legitimate child ?

Since more than a century, anthropologists from the whole world, struggle in search of origin of man on Earth. Still, the result up today is negative. With every efforts of search, the ancestry of man turned more and more mysterious.

A century ago Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution stated that there should be a common ancestor between the man and anthropoid apes (Gorilla – Chimpanzees). But that “Common – Ancestor” does not survive today. And from that day, Science World struggles to search the fossil remains of that “Common – Ancestor”. In the search during the century, we have discovered hundreds of such fossils, which were, during their very discovery, considered as real “Common – Ancestor”. But soon, the concepts were refuted with the new discoveries

Few of the important discoveries in search of man’s origin are the fossil remains in form of teeth, jaws and skulls and named according to their place of findings. These are OREOPITHECUS, PARAPITHECUS, PLIOPITHECUS, SIVAPITHECUS, DRYOPITHECUS, PROCONSUL, PITHECANTHROPUS, SINANTHROPUS, AUSTRALOPITHECUS, BRAHMAPITHECUS, SUGRIVAPITHECUS, INDOPITHECUS and then the fossil remains of HOMO ERECTUS, of NEANDERTHAL MAN AND CRO-MAGNON MAN – the search is ahead. But today all these discoveries of fossils considered having no real link with origin of man. Even Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man considered as separate branch of evolution, may be from anthropoid ancestors having no direct link with the modern man. All these fossil remains are ranging in period from 2 million years to 27 million years back. Few years back with discovery of AUSTRALOPITHECUS, it was considered that the goal of search now completed. But, with findings of HOMO ERECTUS – the idea of human descency from Australopithecus turned negative and the riddle rolls on making all the efforts in vain. Is the “Origin” of man does not lies on this planet ? Is there any answer for the mystery of human origination ?


Anthropologists struggled a lot in search of origin of man on Earth – still result up today is negative. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution states there should be a common ancestor between the anthropoid (man like) apes – that is between the Man and Ape (Gorilla – Chimpanzee) and that common ancestor does not survive. Why ? Even when the animals and insects of past 20 million years survive today, what happened to the ancestor of man ? There is no answer for this.

In the search of extinct common ancestor between the Man and Ape, many fossil remains in form of teeth, jaws and in some case skulls are discovered. Ramapithecus, Australopithecus, Gigantopithecus, Maganthropithecus, Sivapithecus, Homo erects, Brahmapithecus are the fossil of anthropoid. But no one stands to be the real ancestor of modern man. All these are the fossil of anthropoid apes ranging from the period of 2 to 10 million years back and now it is accepted that fossil of the ancestors of modern man possibly buried deep in the bowl of the Earth – in places yet unreachable by man. (See Science Today – March 1976) that is to say all efforts for search of our real ancestry failed. But in one case and that is RAMAPITHECUS – the fossil remains in form of teeth, which were discovered in Sivalik hills of India, are very exceptional. Teeth of Ramapithecus are same as modern man. But the great puzzle with this species is that the potassium-organ test put it back to the 14 million years and that is even ancient to the anthropoid apes. If we accept the Ramapithecus as our real ancestor, then the Theory of Evolution of Man from common ancestor of “Ape and Man” looses the ground. In reverse – anthropoid apes should be descended from an advanced species of man. What is truth ? Is the Homo sapiens resulted by evolution or devolution ?

So, Gigantopithecus and Ramapithecus are the fossil remains of an advanced man who roamed on Earth 14 million years back. Possibly that race would have achieved high advancement in Science as today. Possibly these species have build the canals on the planet Mars. (Even though the space probes have touched the planet Mars and we have sufficient photographs of the planet but still the canals are unsolved mystery). Possibly they have achieved Nuclear power and would have fought nuclear wars resulted into “Biological Declination.” The Generation, which was highly effected by radioactivity, turned to ape like creatures. The fossil remains of anthropoid apes are the species from which today’s anthropoid apes as Chimpanzee and Gorilla are generated. Moreover, the distant groups from that nuclear effect were possibly continue their originality as man but as Stoneage man, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal.

This should be the Stone Age; the anti evolution for advanced species possibly begins 7 million years back.


Certainly, 14 million years back the modern man cannot be originated from the Earth environment because then no species was having biped locomotion and no speech. Thus, the man was migrated from some other planet between the periods of 20 to 65 million years back. Which planet it should be ? And why he was migrated ?

Today in the Solar System except on the Earth, the possibility of LIFE is not acceptable. Then, MIGRATION from which planet ?

There is wide gap between the orbits of planet Mars and Jupiter. In that gap, 260 million miles from the Sun, there are fragments of a planet in many thousands still uncounted and all revolve around the Sun. We have titled them as Asteroids or Planetoids. It is already accepted – once there was a giant planet – but owing to some unknown reason turned to pieces by some explosion.

65 million years ago, these asteroids were in form of a giant planet as the Earth which posses more advanced and intellectual life / species than human being of the Earth. These “generations” conducted a billion ton TNT Nuclear explosion at the center of JUMAR planet. The planet was exploded into debris. The origin of man lies on that planet. The advanced species knowing the result of the explosion have migrated to the planet Earth and also to the Mars, who have built the cannals. The interesting point is here that the asteroids, which fall on the Earth as meteorites, dating by radio cobalt states their age back to 24 to 65 million years back. Thus, the Earth is not the place of origin of man and our entire search to find the ancestry of modern man on Earth is failed.

There was the species, which not only advanced in conquering the nuclear energy but also space and having common interplanetary voyage between Jumar, Mars and the Earth. Possibly we would not be the first man on the Moon. There should be already footprints on the sands of Moon around 25 million years back by our ancestors. But what now onward ? We are again, on this planet, proved unfit to live by violence and utmost cruelty on the inhabitants of this humble Earth. The Space is already there – but is there any planet to migrate and to survive ?