Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah and Prof. C. Raviraj

Nearly 35 percent of astronomical bodies in the Universe are located in three kinds of Astronomical Spherical Systems (SS). These are Prime Stellar System (PSS) in which giant star located at center and planets revolve around it as the Solar System. Second is Prime Planetary System (PPS) in which a giant planet located around which tinny stars revolve and the third kind is Neutral Spherical System (NSS) in which nearly equal size of a star and the planet are located, which revolve around common center of the System. PPS and NSS are two systems being discovered by Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah and Prof. Pankaj N. Jain.

According to Strepulsion-Physics, SS is not possible either by only Stars or by only Planets. There need both bodies and resulted Retraction force keeps these systems in spherical motion. So-called “Binary Star System” is wrong title. The faint or invisible body is not a star but it is planet while bright body is star in Binary System.

Therefore, ratio of non-stellar that is PLANETARY STATE mass in the universe is a thousand times greater than present assumption. Nearly 30% of the mass of the universe is condensed in SS and about 50% of the mass of SS is of planetary state. Now let us estimate atleast 10% of the planetary bodies should consist LIFE. In this 10%, let us assume 9% life in primitive stage and 1% of life in form of advanced intellectual stage as human being or more progressive. On this ground, we may assume atleast 100 million such planets as minimum in our Milky-way galaxy alone where the life is flourished to the higher degree being equal to human race or even ahead and more advanced in Science, Engineering and Technology than our achievement. If such living species exist in distant systems of our galaxy then that will not be a miracle.

Because of great distance between the stellar systems – physical contact by space voyage is, if not impossible, but difficult for time being. Anyhow, the mysterious radio-pulsations we are hearing from Binary pulsars, X rays and Gamma rays radiating invisible or faint bodies of Binary systems are holding a secret message being relayed by the intellectual race of these planets. Even it is possible – the relay of the message may be in such frequency which still unknown to us. Possibly human mind and brain may be “Conductive” to some such extraterrestrial radiations, which effects on our thoughts, behaviour and in many aspects of life. What is the source of “Inspiration”? From where the thoughts are originated? Why a man sudden changes his decision? Why scientific thoughts and ideas suddenly absorbed by the brain – what should be their source? Who am “I” and who are “You”? Though these events are everyday common experience in everyman’s life, but beneath these simple events, there lies an extraordinary and mysterious phenomena, possibly linked with the life that exist in the remote distant stellar systems – within galaxy or even beyond. Anyhow, the life is an interaction between the physical mass of the planetary body and L-radiation from stellar bodies. The L-radiation is photon radiation in still unknown frequency range. So, life is universal, which follows universal migration.

Thus the Life-Elements are in migration by stellar radiation from one planet to another planet, from one stellar system to another and from one galaxy to another galaxy. The L-radiation being the element of life radiates through remote astronomical spaces, covering the distances of millions of light years – in the velocity of light or even in higher velocity. So, the life is universal. It exists even without physical media.

Radiation of Life-Rays is L-Radiation being discovered by authors.

The “Life and Thoughts” – radiates in some unknown frequency through remote space. At what velocities these photons radiate? Is it equal to the velocity of light or even greater? What are the characters of these radiations and strength of penetration? What kind of interaction taken place when these radiations are absorbed by physical particles of the non-stellar mass? For what length of time these photons survive in the radiation without changing their identity?

These are the challenging problems before us – along with space exploration. Anyhow, the challenging frontier before the mankind after the interstellar space is the LIFE and MIND.

But after the conquest of remote astronomical space – whether there will be provision of time to explore the universe of LIFE-MIND? It is great dark ocean of mysteries, lies within us, still most violent and challenging. We have to explore it.

We have to explore the secrets of LIFE and MIND. But whether the zooming ISLAMIC or NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST will allow us time to conquer the unknown frontiers of LIFE and MIND?

We feel we are too late.

Of course my friend, the LIFE and MIND are universal. If the time to explore them on the planet Earth will runs off under the nuclear flames and ashes, then, we will explore them in some another stellar system of the Milky-way Galaxy or in some distant Galaxy – before or after the period of a few billion years.
Before entire surface and the atmosphere turned radioactive and unfit for the survivelity of life under nuclear explosions on the planet Earth, a few healthy men and women can escape to other planets of the solar system under SORLOD SPACE SYSTEM (SSS) and the race of homo sapiens with little modifications in the genetics and external appearance may continue (the chain of life streams) in that new planet or may not be continued under that unknown environment. We do not know.

For interplanetary migration within Solar System or within Binary System or in some Stellar-Planetary Systems is possible by SSS. But Intergalactic transmission of life is possible only by L-Radiation.

Sorlod Space System (SSS) established by authors is the human achievement in the space navigation while L-Radiation is the natural system for space navigation by the living organism. SSS is the space voyage within stellar system between the planets while L-Radiation is the space voyage between the stars, between the galaxies. So, we are the Universal Voyager. This planet, the Earth or the Solar System or the Milky-way Galaxy is not the limitations for our space exploration nor we are bounded within the walls of space, matter and time.

Considering the universality of life, its vast horizons that spread beyond most distant galaxies and interwoven by L-radiation phenomenon, which operates the migration and exchange of life element – we feel, the great theory the EVOLUTION OF LIFE by Charles Darwin is not a total reality. The evolution within species on the planet Earth may be possible according to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. But conversion of one species to another species and such evolution is not possible.

If such conversions are there, then, entire species should be converted into another species – why partly conversion and partly maintain its originality? So, there is no interlink or interrelation between the different species.

The man is not evolved from anthropoid apes and there is no ancestor between the apes and man. The origin of man not lies on the planet Earth. The origin of man lies in some another planet of the solar system. Either the human race is actually and physically migrated from the Giant planets which was once situated in the orbit between the Mars and Jupiter where now the debris of that collapsed planet are revolving around the Sun – the asteroids in form of belt.

What happened to that planet? Let us name it as JUMAR planet. The Jumar was the giant planet. The “advanced, civilized, highly intellectual species – the JUMAR MAN during its nuclear experimental explosion for exploration of inner mass of the Planet or at the center of the Planetary body – probably with the nuclear device of a billion megaton TNT strength, the JUMAR would have exploded into debris in space and the JUMAR-MAN with his Spaceships under SSS would have landed on the good and hospitable planet Earth. Possibly this JUMAR-MAN in his earlier trips to the planet Earth by space vehicles, had hunted and killed prehistoric giant reptiles – the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. With the end of mother planet JUMAR, the Jumar-man accepted and settled on this planet earth with little genetic modification and physical appearance to suit the surrounding environment and existing other life forms.

There are thousands of kinds in birds, there are thousands of kinds in insects and quadruped mammals, there are thousands of kinds in flowering plants, fruit plants and giant trees and thousands of kinds in fishes and so on – but the MAN is ALONE on the planet Earth. There is no another species, which has articulate speech, erect poster, spiritual and moral faculties and intellectual brilliancy equal to human being in any respect. This is because the origin of man not lies on the planet Earth. He is separate creation from all the other species. This mean, our ancestors are migrated to the planet Earth from other planet that is JUMAR of the Solar System. If the man would have originated from the Earth, then, there should be a second species resembles to Man. For more than a century, we are struggling in vain to establish a link between the apes and man. The Jumar-man to survive on the planet Earth, possibly have cross-breaded with some resembling local animals – or possibly apes might be genetically experimented species by those JUMAR-MAN Scientists in struggle to form a species like man. But the man is neither evolved from the ape nor there was a common ancestor between the man and the ape.

The man is not from the anthropoid ape – but is the anthropoid ape could be from the man? Suppose, JUMAR-MAN who was more advanced in space and nuclear technology than the human beings of the 21st century, carried nuclear holocaust on the planet Earth (7 million years ago) and Jumar-man who were nearer to the explosion underwent genetically disordered by Radioactivity and followed anti-revolution. That is converted into Subjumarman race and those are the anthropoid apes. Modified Jumar-man race is the present human race on the planet Earth. The extinct fossil remains of anthropoid apes might be the product of genetical experiments conducted by Jumar-man upon ape like animal of the planet Earth.