Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah & Smt. Vanita K. Shah

After our discovery of L-Rays, we have established two new branches of science and these are COSMOBIOLOGY and PSYCHOPHYSICS. Cosmobiology links with L-Rays, which we have already explained in last article. PSYCHOPHYSICS is the Science, which deals with MIND, THOUGHTS, CONSCIENCE and INSPIRATION. Now Conscience is no more the subject of Psychology or Philosophy or Religion or Theology. MIND and CONSCIENCE are accepted in STREPULSION-PHYSICS as the subjects of PURE SCIENCE and to understand secrets of MIND we have established PSYCHOPHYSICS.

The CONSCIENCE "I" or "SELF" feelings as "MY SELF" is deeply rooted, not only with living organism, but each and every particle of the Universe have this feeling of OWNNESS. All animals, birds, creatures, insects, bacteria, virus, plants, vegetation and every living cell has CONSCIENCE and that is the feelings of OWNNESS. Every particle of the Universe you may say it "Dead" or "Alive" is conscious with OWNNESS. Every Electron, Proton, Neutron, Mesotron and all rest particles having SELF feelings, so the individual existence survives. Each and every PHOTON of Electromagnetic Radiation of all frequencies, including visible and invisible light photons having the CONSCIENCE of OWNNESS and this SELF is deeply rooted. Owing to this deep rooted feeling of SELF and OWNNESS, every particle struggles for own existence. If this OWNNESS or SELFNESS ceases, the very existence of individuality in form of elementary particles or in form of cells lost their existence. The whole mass dispersed into space in form of “COSMO SPACE” with end of SELF CONSCIENCE. I, we, you and all are centralized with the SELF “I” and struggles to survive for this “I”.

So, this “I” is UNIVERSAL and exist in every particle. But we do not know exact location of this “I” in our body. We know where our heart, brain, eyes, ears, hands, legs and rest organs located in our body. But what is the location of "I" ? If it is in the MIND, where is MIND ? If MIND is linked with brain and "I" located in MIND, why we do not feel "ourself" as blocked within Brain and why we absolutely feel free as air and unlinked with body ? In every second, millions of biological "Interactions" are, performed inside the body. But we are totally aloof and unknown about these biological reactions of body WHY? We do not feel as we are "Locked" in this body. This is because the ORIGIN of "I" is linked with L-Rays and L-Rays are linked with Stellar Universe.

This OWNNESS or SELF that is "I" is from the photons of L-Radiation. The L-Radiation in the Solar System in major ratio is from the Sun. On the Planet Earth, we are also receiving L-Radiation from distant stars of Milkyway Galaxy and also from other Galaxies of the Universe. So, "YOU" or "WE" or "I" are not limited to the physical body we possess. Every "person" is Universal. "WE" are not limited or within our bodies. The place of ORIGIN of this feeling, which we express beneath the word "I" or that "Person" who is exhibiting own existence by expression of "I" is not "living" or existing within the physical boundaries of the living body from where "SELF" is expressed. But, the originality of the "Person" or the source of that "Person" is lies in the Stellar Universe. The originality lies in the Sun or in the distant galaxies millions of light years away. So when we say "I" we are not talking about our body because in reality this "I" has least concerned with our physical body. "I" is linked with the Sun and also with Milkyway Galaxy.

There are two kinds of "I" or SELF. One is CONSCIOUS SELF (CS) and another is UNCONSCIOUS SELF (US). CS exists in all living organism, which is resulted by LIPA Interaction (Interaction of L-Rays with elements of Planets). All particles of matter, which do not come in the index of "LIFE or living organism having UNCONSCIOUS SELF. The atoms of this Paper and atoms of your cloths or of your computer or of your car - all have "SELF" or feelings of OWNNESS that is "I" but it is in UNCONSCIOUS STATE. Every PHOTON of Light Rays, every Electron, every Proton, every Neutron and every Antiparticle is aware about ownself but that SELF is in Unconscious state. So all the Planets, their Satellites, the Sun of the Solar System along with all Stars of Milkyway Galaxy and all rest Galaxies of the Universe are ALIVE in sense of PSYCHOPHYSICS, may not in sense of our limited sphere of Organic-Life. Every particle to every astronomical body having feeling of SELFNESS and aware of OWNNESS and possess deep-rooted “I” may be in Unconscious state. Whole Universe is ALIVE with awareness of SELF.

Now here we are writing about CONSCIOUS SELF that OWNNESS or SELF rooted with LIVING ORGANISM, that is about SELF rooted beneath the expression of “1”, “WE” or “YOU”. “I”, “WE” or “YOU” are not within the body, which is constituted by physical matter under LIPA Interaction. Even after death or end of the body, the existence of inner “I” will be continued endless and everlasting. This mean, the physical body is only MEDIA to absorb and then to exhibit deep rooted "I". The body is not “I”

The Radio (receiver) announces broadcasted programmes. The Radio is only MEDIUM as our body. It is the Transmitter where "source" of voice is located. That source may be at distance of thousands of miles or thousands of light years away in case of Astronomical Radio Pulsations. Accordingly, the origin of "I" is not the body. The source or origin of "I" may be located at distance of Millions of miles or at distance of Millions of light years away – but not within the body.

Therefore, neither "YOU" have borne nor you will die with physical body. "YOU" exist forever. There is no place in the Universe where there is no existence of your "Personality". "YOU" being radiation of L-Rays from stars exist for all time and everywhere and in all galaxies. The distant remote dark spaces of the violent Universe are filled with "YOU". Every atom is filled with you. There is neither Space nor Matter without your presence. The individuality of atom is build by "YOU". This mean, the physical Universe is constituted by "YOU". Every elementary particle to astronomical bodies from satellites to planets to stars to giant Galaxies is build by "YOU". YOU mean that deep rooted "I" in yourself.

CONSCIENCE struggles to maintain its "individual" existence of physical body to which it is linked. This struggle we observe in both living and nonliving objects. The SPHERICAL MOTION of astronomical bodies, DISPERSION and CONTRACTION of MASS, RADIATION and EXPLOSIONS are all struggle of Astronomical mass for "Survivality". Forces of ATTRACTION and REPULSION are the part of this struggle of the astronomical and Intra-atomic Universe. INNER SELF that is by “I” activates this whole struggle. Then Universe could not exist without "I". That is "YOUR" existence will be there till the existence of the Universe.

Therefore, when you think deep enough to know "WHO ARE YOU" – the whole mystery of the physical Universe and the mystery of LIFE will be stripped before you. You no need to rush and to strain to solve the puzzling problems of the Universe. The Nature will open her secrets herself before you and that will be the ultimate reality. Possibly, there may be words to express that hidden secrets and realities of the Universe you "realized" or learnt by exploring "INNER SELF". This is because, that knowledge belongs to the ULTIMATE REALITY and follows the "Sixth-Sense".

The Universe you shall observed and understand by the strength of the Sixth Sense will be absolutely perfect and REAL but different. Present existing words are not in position to express the exact state of that Universe. Present words are too crude to express the realm of the ultimate Universe. So, whatever you have possible to explain will not be possible to understand by the normal human being. If you form new words to carry the message, then, these words will be totally considered by fellow persons as meaningless. So, in the end, you will remain alone and unconcerned by the living generation.

Anyhow, you will be totally contempted within your SELF. “Sixth Sense” is AWAKENED SELF CONSCIENCE and this will be the greatest gift for you to understand YOUR SELF and the UNIVERSE. Under this awoken state of mind and brain, you will observe this present world appearing as a “dream” as you are seeing a dream – for few seconds. In that awoken state, you will observe that nothing is real and permanent forever. Neither your friends nor foes, neither your wealth nor property, neither your house nor your country, neither the planet Earth nor the Solar System, neither Milkyway Galaxy nor the Universe, all physica1 mass is "Unreal, ever changing, unstationary and unimportant”. The only ultimate existence, unchanged and real for the time till time exist and which exist everywhere, which neither increases nor decreases, which neither moves nor stationary, which neither created or annihilated, which is beyond the boundaries of birth and death, which is specific unchanged unaltered and UNIVERSAL is the "Matter" which you are exhibiting beneath the expression of "I".

When there is existence of "I", so there is existence of "YOU" or "HE", but ultimately it is "I" IN ALL and that "I" is one and complete. This is the mystery of "WHO ARE YOU".

Shri. Ramkrishna Paramhansa in his last meeting advised Swami Vivekanand in these words “Vivekanand, when you realize WHO YOU ARE - then, there will be nothing to know beyond that knowledge”. Entire mystery of the Universe and of the Life is bounded within the knowledge of your own “SELF”. In Bhagavadgita, Shri. Krishna says, “I AM THE UNIVERSE - THERE EXIST NOTHING BEYOND ME, I AM THE CREATER AND ANNIHILATER OF ALL LIVING AND NONLIVING BODIES OF THE UNIVERSE”. Here "I AM" means not Lord Krishna. "I AM" means that person which exists in "YOU" or in "ME" or inside "WE" which is named as simply "I". This is the mystery of Bhagavadgita.

Have you understand what is said about "YOU" ? Try to know WHO ARE YOU by concentrating on phrase "WHO AM I" and go deep and deep as possible. The practice will take you to another world still unknown to you and unknown to mankind. This is not in way some guide books states for improving personality. Try to know yourself on basis of Psychophysics. This is the subject - not of Philosophy or Religion, but of pure Science. The ultimate state of is Science where all Religions, Theology and Philosophy end into the ocean of Science. There is nothing beyond this knowledge because after knowing yourself "WHO ARE YOU" - the kind mother nature has closed her golden gate for the mankind to know anything beyond this. This is the end of all Religions, Philosophy, Theology and all the branches of Science. Our mind and brain have no capacity to think or imagine beyond this horizon. The discovery of "I" that is OWNSELF is the DISCOVERY OF GOD. The God exist in form of CONSCIENCE. It is the CONSCIENCE, which builds the Universe and ends it.

Rigveda says “Brahma Satya Jagat Mithya” means “CONSCIENCE IS REAL AND IMMORTAL BUT PHYSICAL UNIVERSE IS ILLUSIVE AND MORTAL”. According to Psychophysics, this statement of Rigveda is a reality.