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Where Fundamental Theories of Physics need Correction and Modification?

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Where fundamental Theories of Physics need Correction and Modification?


GALILEO (1564-1642) : In Galileo's time, MOTION of astronomical bodies was observed but FORCE with require for such motion was unknown. So logically Galileo derived the concept of "MOTION WITHOUT FORCE" and this is the Theory of INERTIA. But this is not Universal reality. Present day experiments on the Earth and in Space proved that there NEED CONSTANT FORCE FOR CONSTANT MOTION. There need LEES force when body moves through FRICTIONLESS (vacuum/void) space and need MORE force when body moves through space having FRITION (atmosphere). But FORCE REQUIRE FOR MOTION): So concept of INERTIA is wrong which need corrections and modifications.


NEWTON (1642-1727): In Newton's time, knowledge about physical constitution of the SUN and STARS was unknown. So, along with the Earth, Planets and Satellites of the Solar System, he also considered the SUN and STARS as attracting bodies- exerts GRAVITATIONAL FORCE. But here Newton was wrong. NON-STELLAR bodies exerts force of GRAVITATION is REALITY. But STELLAR BODIES (the Sun and Star) exerts force of REPULSION-NOT GRAVITATION. So the Physical Universe is BALANCED. As Stellar mass in the Universe is greater so the Universe is on EXPANSION and in SCATTERED STATE of Galaxies.

In STREPULSION-PHYSICS, STELLAR bodies exert force of REPULSION while NON-STELLAR bodies (planetary state) exert GRAVITATION. This is the ultimate universal Reality. STELLAR LUNIOVERSAL REPULSION FORCE is discovered by Authors.

EINSTEIN (1879-1955): Astronomical Centrifugal force is fiction while Gravitation is Pro-center force by which spherical motion is impossible. Then by which force astronomical bodies of the Universe follow SPHERICAL MOTION? Unhappy and confused Einstein absolutely deleted the concept of FORCE. He compelled to deviate form classical Science. The FORCE replaced by SPACE-TIME in his General Theory of RELATIVITY (GTR). In GTR, SPACE and TIME are considered as ONE UNIT and all astronomical motions as Revolution, Rotation and Expansion considered as ONE UNIT and all astronomical motions as Revolution, Rotation and Expansion considered to be activated by SPACE-TIME. SPACE-TIME CURVATURE is the basic factor of GTR. But this whole concept is wrong.

(1) SPACE &TIME are two different factors which could not be combined.

(2) SPACE & TIME having neither any MASS nor any FORCE. So these factors could not replace the existence of UNIVERSAL FORCES. SPACE and TIME neither could be curved nor they could keep astronomical bodies in motion.

(3) SPACE & TIME are not physical factors but LOGICAL FACTORS being an impression on human brain when it observes two or more bodies moving in different direction with different velocities. So, GTR is good for mental consolation. But, GTR is no more any SCIENTIFIC THEORY. GTR is PHILOSOPHICAL Doctrine based on Mathematical Concept instead of on Universal Reality.

According to STREPULSION- PHYSICS, spherical motion (revolution & rotation ) of astronomical and intra-atomic bodies is activated by RETRACTION FORCE, which is discovered by Authors.

STREPULSION- PHYSICS is the foundation of Science for the New Millennium.