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Why the Universe is on expansion? The Universe should be on CONTRACTION if Newton's law of Universal Gravitation would be the reality. So, there is no REAL and scientific explanation for present state of EXPANSION. The vague explanations are there based on "Big-Bang Explosion", "Inertial Force" and "Space-Time-Curvature" being considered for expansion of the Universe. But all these factors are fictitious and non-existing. Therefore, there is no scientific explanation for this violent phenomenon of the Universe. The real explanation is there in STREPULSION-PHYSICS (SRP), the new branch of Science which is established by the Authors.

According to SRP, STARS EXERT REPULSION FORCE. Owing to mutual Repulsion between Stars, GALAXIES are EXPANDING. As most of the mass of Galaxies is condensed into Stars, Galaxies exert Repulsion Force. Owing to mutual Repulsion force between Galaxies, GALACTIC CLUSTERS are EXPANDING. Galactic clusters exert force of Repulsion. Owing to mutual Repulsion force between Galactic clusters, the UNIVERSE is EXPANDING. This is the mystery of EXPANDING UNIVERSE. This expansion is followed with DISPERSION of Stellar mass and CONVERSION into Radiating energy and Repulsion force. Therefore, there will be no REVERSE COURSE of CONTRACTION. Expansion will continue till entire physical mass of Stellar Universe is converted in the form of energy and force. As ratio of Stellar Repulsion force is goes on increasing with time, ratio of expansion of the Universe is also goes on increasing with time. So, present Universe is on expansion in higher ratio than five billion years ago.