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In the Solar System, the SUN exerts force of REPULSION while PLANETS exert force of GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION. The Sun REPELS all Planets while all Planets ATTRACT the Sun. So, neither Planets flung away by REPULSION nor fall into the Sun by GRAVITATION. At ORBITAL DISTANCES, SOLAR REPULSION FORCE (SRF) and PLANETARY GRAVITATIONAL FORCE (PGF) counter balances each other. Therefore, Planets remain at mean constant distance from the Sun in their Orbits. The mutual gravitation between Planets and Satellites is counterbalanced by SRF at ORBITAL DISTANCES.

Therefore, Satellites remain at mean constant distance from Planets in their Orbits. This is applicable to all bodies in the Solar System. This is the mystery of MEAN CONSTANT DISTANCE between bodies in the System.

1] The Sun exert SRF. Asteroids exerts GRAVITATION. At orbital distance, both reverse forces counterbalances each other. so, asteroids remain in their orbits. Mutual Gravitation between Asteroids is counterbalanced at mean distance in their orbits. So, Asteroids do not collides with each other.

2] The Sun Exert SRF. Planet Saturn and its RINGLETS exert Gravitation. RINGLETS remain in their orbits because mutual gravitational force between Saturn and Ringlets is Counter balanced by SRF at mean distance in their orbits. Ringlets do not collide with each other because, mutual gravitation between Ringlets is counter balanced by SRF. So Ringlets remain ;at their fixed distance in orbits.

3] The Interaction between REPULSION and GRAVITATIONAL FORCE resulted into RETRACTION FORCE (RTF).RTF keeps all bodies of the Solar- system in REVOLUTION and ROTATION. RTF acts on planets at ratio inversely proportional to square root of distance form the Sun. So, planets revolve around the Sun at this Velocity . Satellites also follow the same rule.

4] The mass of the Sun is 99.9% of the Solar - System. If the Sun really exerted force of GRAVITATION, then, all planets, satellites, Asteroids should have collapsed into the Sub billions of years ago. There should be no existence of present Solar-System, If Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation would be the reality. There is neither MUTUAL GRAVITATION nor there is MUTUAL REPULSION but there is MUTUAL RETRACTION by which the Solar -System is balanced and in motion. This is the mystery of the Solar-System decoded by STREPULSION-PHYSICS. THE UNIVERSE IS BALANCED BY REPULSION & GRAVITATION and in MOTION by RETRACTION FORCE.