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Sir Isaac Newton stated that-the Concept of Universal Gravitation is Theological Principle; this not any UNIVERSAL LAW. According Newton, Gravitation is Divine Power and God operates and controls the Universe by this Divine Power. Newton clarify that the theory of Gravitation is based on Biblical (Christian) view of the universe. We should appreciate the great Scientist for his love towards God and for his devotion.

Anyhow, now, the science world of 21st Centuary should not blindly stickup to the so called Law of Gravitation. The Universal Truth is reverse to this Law. Entire Steller Universe (99.9% mass of the universe) Exerts force of repulsion - Not Gravitation. Only non-stellar mass of the universe, which is less than 0.1% of the universal mass follows Newton’s law and Exerts Gravitation. So Newtons law is no more any universal reality.

The Apple falls down on the ground from the tree. So the Earth Exerts force of gravitation is the reality. But this does not mean that each and every particle of the universe exert force of gravitation. Of Course, in 1685 no force other than gravitation was imagined or known. So this one and the only force Applied to the whole universe, which was “CORRECT” in those years-but not now.

The Universe is dominated by three universal forces - not one. These forces are repulsion, Gravitation and Retraction. The solar system and Galaxies balanced and in Sphercial Motion owing to these three forces.


As Atom is balanced by two reverse electrical charges that is negative and positive, carried by electrons and protons while neutrons are neutral particles are without any charge.


The Solar-System, Galaxies and Universe balanced by two reverse forces that is repulsion & Gravitation (ATTRACTION) exerted by steller and non-steller bodies while dark-matter is neutral matter which exerts no force.

Interaction between repulsion and attraction forces (gravitation) resulted into the new force that is the force of retraction, which keeps the universe in spherical motion.


Physical Universe is constituted by three kinds of matter (steller, non-steller & neutral matter) exert three kinds of forces (Repulsion, Gravitation & Retraction) follows three kinds of motion (off-centre motion and neutral spherical motion).

Off-centre motion is by repulsion, pro-centre motion is by gravitation (Attraction) & spherical motion is by retraction.

This is the ultimate reality of the physical universe established under strepulsion-physics.


In the solar system, the sun exerts solar repulsion force and rest bodies exert gravitation. By Interaction of Repulsion x Gravitation, Retraction force is liberated. Solar system is balanced and is in motion by these three forces. It is possible to utilise solar pepulsion force and retraction force under Sorlod Space System (SSS) to navigate the solar system and beyond. SSS is new space technology established by authors to dominate and navigate the solar system. SSS can lead present space programs ahead by a century.

Stellar bodies (the Sun and Stars) exert REPULSION FORCE while non-stellar bodies exert GRAVITATIONAL FORCE. These two reverse forces balance the Universe. By interaction of Repulsion and Gravitation, the Universe follows spherical motion. We can achieve 10% of velocity of light in Space Navigation by Solar Repulsion Force (SRF).