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Interaction of SRF and PGF resulted into the birth of a new force. The Authors have titled this force as RETRACTION FORCE (Repulsion x Attraction) - RTF: RTF keeps all bodies of the Solar System in REVOLUTION and in ROTATION. RTF acts on planetary bodies in ratio, which is inversely proportional to the square root of distance from the Sun. Therefore, Planets REVOLVE around the Sun with this ORBITAL VELOCITY. All the observed REVOLUTION and ROTATION of Satellites, Asteroids and Ringlets is the result of RETRACTION FORCE. In the Solar System, 50% of the Gravitational intensity is converted into RETRACTION FORCE, which keeps the bodies in Spherical motion. Owing to this conversion, the gravitational loss is exhibited in inverse square law of G-Force (G = mm/d2). Otherwise, G = mm/d would be followed.

RTF is resulted inside atom by interaction of Attraction x Repulsion which keeps particles in spherical motion. RTF is resulted in Galaxies by interaction of Repulsion x Gravitation which keep Stars in Revolution and Rotation. For Spherical motion need RTF. It is not possible by Gravitational force to keep bodies in spherical motion as believed in Newtonian Physics.

There are THREE kinds of Elementary motions which need THREE kinds of Elementary Forces. OFF-CENTER MOTION (OCM) needs REPULSION, PRO-CENTER MOTION (PCM) needs ATTRACTION and for SPHERICAL MOTION (SM) needs RETRACTION FORCE.