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There is a belief in present Science World that all Stars of the Universe, in the last stage will be turned into NEUTRON STARS and then into the BLACK HOLES. If this would be the reality, then, after 20 billion years of formation of the Universe that is TODAY, at least half of the region of the sky should be studded/occupied with trillions of Black Holes and Neutron Stars. However, we know that not a single body, not even CYGNUS X-1 can be recognised with absolute surety as the BLACK HOLE. The summary is, there is something fundamentally wrong in understanding the phenomena of these bodies. There is no scientific explanation for these so called mysterious bodies of the Universe in Newtonian Physics. However, in Strepulsion-Physics (SRP), there is very simple explanation and scientific REASONING. As per SRP, STARS EXERT REPULSION FORCE and are LUMINOUS BODIES. While PLANETS EXERT GRAVITATIONAL FORCE and are NON-LUMINOUS BODIES. Now, the so called BLACK HOLES and NEUTRON STARS exert GRAVITATIONAL FORCE and are NON-LUMINOUS bodies. Therefore, Neutron Stars and Black Holes are PLANETARY BODIES located in Binary Systems or at the center of Galaxies. In Binary System, when bright STAR, EJECTS plasma wind/gas (as the Sun ejects solar wind), and when that wind entered into the gravitational field of planetary companion, it is attracted by that body. This is very simple phenomenon of accretion or Give and Take. For this simple action, the planetary companion of the Binary System is titled as BLACK HOLE by confused Astrophysicists. Accordingly, when COSMIC PARTICLES radiated from the Star companion of the Binary System and when striked at velocity of light with the hard metallic surface of the planetary companion, the cosmic particles collapsed and converted into X-RAYS, GAMMA RAYS and in RADIO PULSATIONS. These radiations onward deflected from surface of planetary body and spread in space. For this simple cause, the confused Science World titled the planetary companion as NEUTRON STAR. In reality, there is no existence of any astronomical bodies as NEUTRON STAR or BLACK HOLE. These are simply DENSE and GIANT PLANETARY BODIES in the Universe.

There exist these Non-stellar bodies having mass much greater than Stars around which even Stars revolve. So "pulling of gas/wind" is not by gravitation of invisible companion of Binary System but it is by EJECTION of Star by REPULSION FORCE. These, so called Neutron Stars and Black Holes are NON-LUMINOUS, not because of any great gravitational force - but because these are of PLANETARY constitution and therefore without Thermonuclear reaction and so are NON-LUMINOUS. The summary is, there is no existence of any NEUTRON STARS and BLACK HOLES in the Universe. These are simply DENSE and very GIANT PLANETARY BODIES in Binary System and at the center of Galaxies.