Strepulsion Physics

Where Fundamental Theories of Physics need Correction and Modification?

Stellar Gravitational
Astronomical Centrifugal Force
EINSTEINIAN Space Time Curvature
Science Classification Of Forces
Where newton was wrong?
Where Einstein was wrong?
The sun exerts solar repulsion force (srf): proof
The solar system
Retraction force
Stars exert repulsion force: srf: proof
The mystery of thermonuclear reaction in stars
The mystery of expanding universe
Space navigation
The mystery of black holes and neutron stars
Discovery of neutral matter
Soul: the supreme order of universal law
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Dr. Navinchandra K. Shah
Prof. Pankaj N. Jain
Prof. Mayuri Raviraj
Prof. Raviraj Chittaranjan
Prof. Darshan V. Lalka
Smt. Vanita K. Shah

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