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Where fundamental Theories of Physics need Correction and Modification?

Inertia is the anti-science virus produced by Galileo in the 17th century. It states "WHEN NO FORCE IS EXERTED ON A BODY, IT STAYS AT REST OR IT MOVES IN STRAIGHT-LINE WITH CONSTANT FORCE". That is to say "FOR CONSTANT MOTION IN FRICTIONLESS SPACE REQUIRE NO FORCE". This is the concept of MOTION WITHOUT FORCE. According to this concept of Inertia, when a body striked with a force, it will start moving through frictionless space in constant velocity in straight-line for "EVER". "The constant motion no need constant force". This is the concept of Inertia.

  • Galileo imagined INERTIA when he failed to detect the elementary forces which are required for pro-centre-acceleration and for spherical motion.

    Galileo derived the concept of Inertia on extremely crude logic and that is "When a stone is thrown above the ground, its speed will go on decreasing. When the same stone thrown from above towards the ground, its speed will go on increasing (acceleration). So when the same stone will striked to move horizontally in straight-line, its motion will remain in constant velocity without application of any force". This is Inertia. When this concept derived Galileo was not knowing about force of Gravitation.

    Galileo was in utter confusion after experiment of pro-centre-acceleration of bodies from the Tower of Pisa. BY WHICH FORCE BODIES FALL ON THE GROUND IN ACCELERATION? and BY WHICH FORCE ASTRONOMICAL BODIES REVOLVE AND ROTATE? When he failed to detect the elementary forces for these motions, he imagined INERTIA in substitute to unknown forces. So INERTIA is a philosophical concept but not scientific principle.

    According to the Ultimate Reality of the Universe (URU), CONSTANT MOTION NEED CONSTANT FORCE. There need LESS FORCE when the body moves through frictionless space and when the body moves through space having friction, need MORE FORCE. MOTION WITHOUT FORCE IS WRONG CONCEPT. There need constant "supply" of force to keep body in constant motion. But when such constant force was unable to detect, INERTIA was imagined.

    Newton and Galileo failed to detect the elementary force - the force of RETRACTION, which keep astronomical bodies in spherical motion, then, they compelled to imagine INERTIA in substitute to RETRACTION FORCE.

    The body will remain in state of rest till application of external force is the true part of Inertia but when once the body is striked will remain in constant motion in frictionless space forever without application of force is the wrong part of Inertia. This is proved with beginning of the Space Age. Mankind has unable to keep satellites in revolution around the earth forever as natural moon by Inertia. Mankind needs artificial power/force to keep bodies in motion in space. Manmade satellites and spacecrafts need constant supply of force for their constant motion in space. When the supply of force is ceased, the body stops its motion. This fact proves INERTIA is a fiction. So, INERTIA is an Anti-Science Virus created by Galileo which has kept the Science World in fools paradise for more than three centuries. Aristotle the great (384 - 322 BC) concluded that A CONSTANT FORCE WAS REQUIRED TO PRODUCE A CONSTANT VELOCITY. He was absolutely correct. Galileo and Newton whose dynamic theories based on INERTIA were wrong.

    Present Science unaware about the elementary forces by which the Universe is expanding, astronomical bodies and intra-atomic particles are in revolution and rotation. So, for these motions "INERTIA is imagined". Inertia is neither any force, nor any matter or any real natural phenomenon. It is human logic, the product of confused brain created in substitute of unknown universal forces in action. This is Galileian Anti-Science Virus created to destroy ultimate realms of the Classical Science.

    If not Inertia, then, what is reality?

    According to the Ultimate Reality of Universe (URU) based on STREPULSION-PHYSICS, the mass of the physical universe is under THREE kinds of ELEMENTARY MOTIONS, being activated by THREE kinds of ELEMENTARY FORCES as following.

    (1) OFF-CENTRE-MOTION (OCM) is activated by force of REPULSION.
    (2) PRO-CENTRE-MOTION (PCM) is activated by force of ATTRACTION.
    (3) SPHERICAL MOTION (NSM) is activated by force of RETRACTION.

    The existence of these forces is still unknown to the present Science World. NAVIN SHAW and PANKAJ JAIN have discovered these forces and explained in the new branch of Science established by them, that is, STREPULSION-PHYSICS. INERTIA is a mirage, which is fooling the Science World since the days of Galileo. CONSTANT MOTION NEED CONSTANT APPLICATION OF FORCE. MOTION CONSUMES FORCE. THE BODY COULD NOT REMAIN IN CONTINUED CONSTANT MOTION WITHOUT CONTINUITY OF THE FORCE. This is the Universal reality and rest is science fiction for mental consolation.