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Thermonuclear Reaction (TNR) in the Sun and Stars is neither fission nor fusion. TNR is not owing to any gravitational pressure at the center of Stars as explained by George Gamove. TNR is Retrograde Atomic Conversion of Stellar (RACS) mass in Stars. This is RACS NUCLEAR REACTION (RNR), which the Authors have detected. RNR starts from the surface of the Sun and Stars but not from the center. Therefore, Sunspots exhibit inner cooler regions of the Sun. Solar corona is more hot than Solar surface because the generated heat by RNR at the surface is transmitted to the corona. Heat at the surface of the Sun is about 5000 degree while corona follows more than a million degree temperature. RNR is activated by imbalanced intra-atomic Repulsive forces of Stellar mass. We know that intensity of intra-atomic repulsion force is 1034 times greater than the force of attraction inside the atom. This Repulsion force causes RNR. If RNR would have started from the center of the Sun or Star then these bodies would be exploded and dispersed in Space with beginning of the nuclear reactions. There would be no existence of the Stellar Universe. Transmission of heat by electrostatic forces and TNR by gravitational pressure are fictitious factors under Newtonian Physics having no such existence. Again, Stars are constituted by dense radioactive elements.

If the Sun and Stars were constituted by light gaseous elements, that is, by hydrogen and helium as major elements, then Thermonuclear Reactions would be impossible. For nuclear reactions need heavy dense radioactive elements. In RNR, heavy radioactive elements (owing to intra-atomic repulsive forces) gradually converted into lighter and lighter elements and in the last stage, converted into gaseous elements as hydrogen and helium and escape in space. Therefore, hydrogen and helium are observed as major constituents in the atmosphere of the Sun and Stars. But this does not mean that Stars are gaseous bodies. As per our Astronuclear calculations, DENSITY of the Sun is 14.66 (Earth = 1) but not 0.23 as believed in present Physics. Spared Stellar mass under RNR is converted into radiating energy (50%) and in Repulsion force (50%). Light and heat is the radiating energy. More details about RNR will be explained in separate article.