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Dr. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) created the most dangerous anti-science virus and titled it SPACE-TIME CURVATURE (STC). This is an illusive and deadly virus.

Einstein the great was extremely unhappy with fictitious anti-science viruses of Galileo's "Inertia", Newton's "Stellar Gravitational Force" and "Astronomical Centrifugal Force". Einstein knew that these are falls and anti-science factors, which were created for "adjustment" till real scientific solution or the real elementary forces are discovered.

Einstein struggled for many years to eliminate these anti-science viruses of Galileo and Newton. But he failed totally to replace these deadly viruses. Under stress, he left all scientific efforts and under great confusion entered into the field of Philosophy. He forgot all norms and principles of Classical Science.

Einstein derived a transparent philosophical theory woven with complex maths and empirical formulas and titled it General Theory of Relativity (GTR). He announced that most of the actions and results of the GTR will be non-testable or beyond Scientific tests. So one should not ask for the proof of the theoretical predictions. This is because of the complex nature of GTR. So the Science World has to accept GTR as a faith or belief. In this theory, SPACE and TIME were principle factors. Einstein combined both SPACE and TIME and titled it SPACETIME. Now SPACETIME started acting as one single unit.

After creation of SPACETIME, the great mathematician-philosopher Einstein bended it as the goldsmith bends and curves fine gold wire. Now this curvature of SPACETIME started doing miracles. This SPACETIME CURVATURE (STC) started keeping the planets in revolution and rotation. STC keeps Galaxies in rotation and revolution. STC started expanding the Universe. STC turned into a mighty Universal Force. All these great universal activities performed by SPACETIME CURVATURE are according to GTR of Einstein.

Onward Einstein rejected the concept of "Force" at all. "No gravitation, no Centrifugal force, no Inertial force - it is SPACETIME CURVATURE" was the broadline message of GTR of Einstein. With band of mathematicians, Einstein had adjusted GTR mathematically with Universal phenomena.

Now with this STC anything can be explained because all existence is woven with SPACE and TIME. So, STC is a stick of magician, which creates miracles. It is possible to explain each and every unsolved problem of Astrophysics with this magic stick STC of the General Theory of Relativity (GTR).

Dear Reader, after all what is SPACE and TIME ? These are two different "impressions" on human brain when it observes two or more bodies moving in different directions in different velocities. SPACE and TIME is having neither mass nor any physical constitution. These are neither any matter nor any force, but simply impressions on human brain. How these physiological factors could activate astronomical motions as stated in GTR ? Are we deal with science or prehistoric mythology ?

SPACETIME CURVATURE is an anti-science virus, which has termed classical physics into fantasia for mental amusement.