Strepulsion Physics

Where Fundamental Theories of Physics need Correction and Modification?

Stellar Gravitational
Astronomical Centrifugal Force
EINSTEINIAN Space Time Curvature
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Where newton was wrong?
Where Einstein was wrong?
The sun exerts solar repulsion force (srf): proof
The solar system
Retraction force
Stars exert repulsion force: srf: proof
The mystery of thermonuclear reaction in stars
The mystery of expanding universe
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The mystery of black holes and neutron stars
Discovery of neutral matter
Soul: the supreme order of universal law
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Stellar matter exerts REPULSION. Non-stellar matter exerts GRAVITATION. There exist a third kind of matter, which exerts no force to influence external bodies. This is NEUTRAL MATTER (NM), which is discovered by authors. The so called "DARK-MATTER" is neutral matter. Most of the void spaces and centre of galaxies are filled with NM. Some astronomical bodies are constituted by neutral matter.