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According to modern physics, there exist four kinds of elementary or basic forces in the Universe. These are (1) GRAVITATION, (2) ELECTROMAGNETIC, (3) WEAK NUCLEAR and (4) STRONG NUCLEAR Forces.

But according to the Universal Reality, except GRAVITATION, all the rest THREE FORCES as mentioned above are not any elementary forces. These are simply names of the "source" of the force and by end result indicate only ONE FORCE and that is the force of ATTRACTION as below:


This is force of ATTRACTION.

This force is resulted by interaction of electron with proton. Electron is of negative charge while proton is of positive charge. So N x P = FORCE OF ATTRACTION . This force of attraction keeps atoms intact. Ultimately this is the FORCE OF ATTRACTION.

What is Nuclear Force? This is very high intensity force, which bound protons with neutrons. Proton x Proton = Repulsive force. The Nuclear force counterbalances this high intensity force of Repulsion and keeps all protons together with Neutrons at nucleus. This mean, this is very high intensity force of ATTRACTION by which the atomic constitution is balanced and bounded. Thus, ultimately, NUCLEAR FORCE (WEAK & STRONG) is nothing but force of ATTRACTION.

Summarily, all present classified four forces are nothing but linked to only ONE ELEMENTARY FORCE, that is THE FORCE OF ATTRACTION. Therefore, this classification of the four forces is defective and unscientific. In reality, the said ELECTROMAGNETIC and NUCLEAR are the SOURCES of force but not forces.

According to Ultimate Universal Reality of Strepulsion-Physics, there exist only THREE ELEMENTARY FORCES. These are (1) REPULSION (2) ATTRACTION and (3) RETRACTION. There is no existence of any fourth force in the Universe. Present Science World knows only ONE FORCE and that is the FORCE OF GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION. Other two are still unknown to the Science World. Owing to this ignorance, the entire Theoretical Science is the haphazard and full of fictitious and anti-science theories.